About Us

Worcester's Premium Dispensary

At The Corner Emporium, we were founded with the shared purpose of providing convenient access to trusted cannabis brands and products to the City of Worcester and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We’re here to be a wellness hub for our community, providing stylish, affordable cannabis-based options.

In contrast to other licensed dispensaries that are staking their claim as being ‘true’ Worcester businesses — we are actually the real deal.

What does this mean to us? We believe that we are the real deal because we have grown up here, we have worked here, and are now proudly raising our families right here in town. With that being said, we also plan on using our resources to better our local communities and the environment.

We also fully believe that ‘luxury in cannabis’ should never be out of reach. We believe that it should be attainable and affordable for all members of the community. Our diverse array of high-quality products sourced from trusted brands is sure to satisfy the tastes of many types of consumers.